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So…… You’re reading this blog from the comfort of your mobile phone, tablet, laptop or PC no doubt! The information we seek to improve our health and lifestyle is generally done through some sort of internet search whether that is directly or hearing it through a friend who has looked into it and you know what, that’s great! There are of course the issues with the quality of the information being posted or the interpretation of it but as we always suggest and personally do, “seek the advice from the correct professional”!

Firstly lets look at the potential negatives of technology in a brief overview. Even as a personal trainers whose job you would assume to be ‘healthy’ we spend a large portion of our days sat on our ASSES! We sit and plan training programs, macronutrient plans, research conditions we have not come across and the big one, post videos and pictures with information on social media and then mindlessly search through the drivel that is laid out before us 24/7 in an effort to boost business and exposure!

A friend recently enlightened us with a statement that was eye opening which we would like to share with you. “Do you think scrolling through the social media feed to find the Holy Grail of posts that will satisfy your need to continuously and needlessly absorb snippets of others lives you generally wouldn’t stop to talk to in the street”? This resonated on a personal level and really changed our perspective on the way we designate time to social media.

Working with technology generally comes with being seated for prolonged periods of time and exposed to high levels of light stimulation, this has certainly been a factor in issues such as crossed postures, excessive curvatures of the spine to lower energy expenditure and much more, but it is essential to today’s way of life! So let’s use it to our advantage!

There are an abundant amount of exercise, fitness trackers, nutrition logs and anatomy apps today. We currently use these few from thousands and would recommend them all.

  • FitBit (Tracker for steps, HR, calories, floors, exercises and distance)
  • Myfitnesspal (food macro/ micro and weight tracker)
  • Tabata timer (workout timer)
  • Visual body (anatomy guide)

These are some great tools to help understand how my body if working from daily activity to food consumption to working out which muscles we are working. Setting yourself goals and having them monitored daily by a watch and app can make a huge difference to the amount of energy you expend per day as well as tracking your food intake with barcode scanners.

We typically recommend around 30-90 minutes of study per week on a topic of your desired field to further your knowledge and keep your training and nutrition methods current.

In summary there are many drawbacks to today’s techno lifestyle but we can use it all to our advantage when it comes to getting in shape and improving health so utilise the tools around you to help manage your programs, activity and nutrition.